In honor of the legacy and service of

Mama Nayo Barbara

Malcolm Watkins

1939 - 2008

photo by Steve Clarke


This issue is dedicated to Mama Barbara Nayo Malcolm Watkins, life-long arts activist, who defined herself as a “movement worker”.  Mama Nayo used art to make change happen in communities all over the south. 

Mama Nayo served with groups such as Alternate Roots, SpiritHouse, and the Highlander Center. 

She founded the Myeke Center in Durham, NC to address proactive approaches to teaching children with learning differences.


Editorial Team

Alexis Pauline Gumbs

Jurina Hill

Nikki Brown

Kim Arrington

Ebony Golden


Design Consultants

Jurina Hill

Nathan Williams


Advisory Board

Mama Nia

Mama Nayo

Mama Pearl

Phillip Shabazz


Guest Contributors

Jaki Shelton Green

Asha Bandele

Dr. Anjail Rashida Ahmad 

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