Misogynist in me

Kim Arrington

i’ve been known to say

what is sssshhhhheeee wearing?

sssshhhhheeee is all over him!!!

ain’t sssshhhhheeee got no respect?


i don’t say ho, but i been known to

say sssshhhhheeee a bitch.


who sssshhhhheeee looking at like that?

and there was those couple of times i

forgot he had a sssshhhhheeee.


sssshhhhheeee done laid with  everybody

sssshhhhheeee determined to stare in that strobe light

(cause it taught her)


insides of arms smelling like bright c o p p e r pennies.

sssshhhhheeee is my sister.


we h hands.





sssshhhhheeee is me.

i am a piranha.


fred l. joiner

bruised hearts and hands bruise
skin - we are mortar and pestle
grinding our love to dust


Walidah Imarisha

I took his love for granted

I took his love for hunger

I took his love for murder

I took his love


I ate him

drank him down

I can still taste him


He ate me

bit and chewed

tore my skin off

peeled me

and sucked


I handed him my hand

he wrapped me in his fist

I cut

and bruise

so easily


He handed me his heart


until it ran dry


I forgot to exist

beyond the color of him

drained of color in the afterglow

of broken lightbulbs

I become an aftertaste

in his mouth


He forgets he exists

beyond the shape of anger

he loses all he holds

and breaks as he breaths

he pours himself out 

Quiet as Kept

Crystal White

Carole got another ass-whuppin last night.  That bitch is crazy.  I  don't know why she always got to be doin or sayin somethin she knows is gonna aggravate that man.  Quiet as kept I think she be doin it just to get some extra attention.  But you know what I say ?  I say fuck that kind of attention. Bitch layin up in the hospital can't even come out to work.  And it aint like the nigger sittin there by her bedside moppin her brow.  After he beat her ass he just went on about his business. And told her she better have her ass back out there to work tomorrow night!

Theres seven of us now and things are real different than when we were three.  When there was only three of us the one got the most attention was the one makin the most money the way it's supposed to be. You go by seniority too. If you been with somebody a long time then you deserve some extra attention. Or if you new and just got turned out to the game, then you really need some TLC cause you could just back up and change your mind anytime the goin gets rough which is most of the time.  So in that sense we was all gettin about equal time when we were three, Mary bein the oldest Carole bein the newest and me bein the best. But now that there's so many of us look like a nigger aint thinkin bout nothin other than how many ho's he got out there for him like it's quantity and not quality that counts. I guess it's like a prestige kind of a thing.  So Carole come callin round here last night on my time talkin shit bout she gonna do somethin crazy and he was gonna be sorry and all that other kinda soap-opera dramatic bullshit.

And probably if he haddda been at anybody elses crib he probably wouldn't even have left.  But that's why he says I'm his favorite cuase not only am I a first class money makin machine but also I never be causin no problems. He say he depend on me and that make me feel real good. The only time I ever really acted up is when that white bitch Darla claimed she was pregnant with Money's baby.  I mean everybody knows that that's the easiest way in the world to get real close to a man is by havin his baby.  Anyway that little romance didn't end up as a happily ever after seein as how the baby came out white as Darla.  She kept tryin to play it off in the beginning but you know most people aren't professional liars like pimps and she just kept trippin herself up .  So come to find out she was already pregnant when she got here and had some kinda plan where she was gonna stash all this money and then make her gettaway.  Can you believe that shit? Bitch was tryin to play a player . I could smell somethin wasn't right from the get go. I told him but of course he thought I was just jealous. I mean what you gonna look like takin a two week vacation from a good payin computer technician job to come to Hawaii and fall in love with a pimp and start ho'in for him? Plus she talks her friend into gettin with him too.  Now what kind of shit is that ? I mean she just left all her shit in Ohio or wherever the hell she claim she come from and just start sellin pussy by the pound . That sound right to you ? And what about the friend ? Kim with her sneaky self . If it hadda been me I woulda been like Yo bitch, are you crazy ? You want me to do what with you? But that's some white people shit. They probably sittin round the dinner table entertainin guests with their tall tales of when they was ho'in in Hawaii!   But seem like I'm the only one got any  real sense around here half the time.

My mans name is Money. Used to be Big Money and he used to go by B.M. till that university know it all bitch Cynthia told him that BM stood for somethin havin to do with takin a shit or some shit like that . I can't stand that bitch. She think she know everything and then some just because she went to college. Yeah well where the hell did that get her but right out here suckin dick with the rest of us. She might as well have gone to SWU she probably would have learned things more suited to her present trade! Carole the only one hate her more than I do cause she took over Caroles position as the "baby " in the family so she is gettin alot more attention than Carole right now . Plus she don't want to work out on the stro like the rest of us say she scared somebody gonna recognize her. Now who the hell is gonna recognize her ass in Hawaii when she come from New York? Some sorority sister of hers or somethin? So Money got her high-yella ass parked in some massage parlor on Lanikai . Fuck that  bitch . What she don't know is that you end up doin alot more fuckin in massage parlors than you do out on the street. On the stro you be gettin a lot of drunk sailors that you can roll.  They be so drunk half the time you can just take their money . Or they be so drunk you just get on top of them and ride em and say the right things the right way, sheeeeiiit , they never knew if they was inside or out. UH HUH let that silly bitch stay on up in that massage parlor stretchin out her pussy. Fuck all them bitches. Always causin so many goddam problems. Specially Carole.  And Mary.  Mary is his wife. They been married for eleven years and she been hoein for him for almost nineteen.  He said he had to marry her to stop from goin to jail , but I never did get the whole story.  Every time I try to get Mary to talk about it she just roll her eyes and suck her teeth. They got two ugly boys Kevin and Edward . Ugly. Just like Mary.

She is always threatnin to turn states evidence against him and turn him in to the FBI . It sound like it have somethin to do with the jail thing and I think that he musta married her cause then you can't make a wife testify against her man in court.  But she been gettin regular ass whuppins here lately too, and that aint really like Mary. I mean' she be causin problems but she know well enough to back up off a ass whuppin.

Speakin of ass know what Money told me ? He say Carole just love gettin fucked up her ass. Say she can't get it off no other way . Bitch been hoein so long her pussy so wide she wouldn't even distinguish a donkey's dick up in there. And he say her ass-hole is catchin up with her pussy quiet as kept. Aint that a bitch?

Carole better watch out though cause she is really over steppin some boundaries . You know that crazy bitch tried to cut my man up last night? And all because he lettin Cynthia work in the massage parlor and she got to walk the hoe stroll. So naturally he tried to beat her to death once he got the knife away from her. She ever try that shit again I'M gonna hurt her. I guess she feel like if he's takin time out to whup that  ass must mean that he cares about her. But quiet as kept that nigger don't care about nobody but some money.


War Goddess #3:  The Garden

Tamara Madison

your body was left in a back alley.

smothered voice and strangled mouths,

your lips lacerated and

stinging from the toxicity of his essence,

you were left to die.


I found you there muddled in

puddles of your own shame.

there was a time

when with my rage,

I would have extended the crime


with my curses of murder upon

both his heads

neglecting your pain.

this time I chose healing you instead.

to the tune of ancient incantations,

I knelt beside you,

gathered your body,

pressed my heart to your heart

festering from his disease.

I anointed your withering womb

with the light of my own.

I kissed and closed your lips

after planting seeds.

I washed your body with my sweat,

massaged you with my tears.


I carried you to a field of high grass,

placed you in the earth.

I waited and prayed unceasingly

watering your seeds with serenity,

plucking weeds that dared to grow.

I kneaded your bruises into the dirt

and rolled the pain into clay.

I tended your garden until the flowers grew:

a flower for every cut and tear,

a flower for every nightmare,

a flower for every drop of hate and disgust

spat upon your face.

I tended your garden until your lacerated lips

became satin petals gently unfurling,

seeping with the scintillating innocence

that one could bruise but never steel.

I tended your garden until you became once again

the hallowed, ebony orchid you were created to be.

I planted you and left you

to live. 

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